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R-TUBI S.p.A. permanently stocks some thousands tons of tubes in its logistic areas, to provide a regular and fast deliver to our clientele.

Tables n.2-3-4 list the customary tube dimensions for the micropiles that are always ready.

Any other type of tube, of regulated dimensions, can be fabricated in the steel plant upon request, with a 6 to 8 weeks delivery time.





The measuring of micropiles implies the definition of the characteristics of the supporting element (static measuring) and of the length of the fastening. (Geotechnical measuring).

The following table is based on the indicative works of the DIN 4128 regulation for which we received a security coefficient of fs = 1,75 upon the steel yield point.T he fastening lengths have to be determined upon the type of land and the perforation diameter. The proposed measuring corresponds to the tubes that are generally available in stock. Other dimensions can be obtained upon request. Nevertheless we suggest our clientele, to systematically question our availability to avoid any misunderstanding.

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