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Quality policy

In view of the continuous market demand for high quality standards, and convinced of the internal improvements that can be achieved through the development of a quality culture, the management has defined and documented a quality policy and ensures that this policy is understood and supported at all levels of the organisation.


In order to pursue this policy, the Management has decided to establish, maintain, document and enforce a Quality Management System in accordance with internationally recognised standards since 1997, keeping it constantly updated over the years with the new revisions of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, up to the latest update in 2017 in accordance with the new UNI EN ISO 9001:15 standard.



The field of application of the Quality Management System of R-TUBI Spa covers all the activities of the company and is production and sale of micropiles, consolidation piles and pipe threads (Sector EA 17).



With the implementation of the Quality Management System, the company has set itself the goal of achieving full customer satisfaction by optimising the level of products offered and constantly improving its internal and external processes. All the employees and collaborators of R-TUBI S.p.A, at all levels and functions, are active "protagonists" of this system.

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The Quality Policy is reviewed by the Management at predetermined intervals to ensure its suitability to the Quality Management System of R-TUBI S.p.A. itself. The aim of R-TUBI S.p.A. is to fully satisfy the requests of the market in respect of the requirements and Quality Standards requested. The Management believes that this goal can only be achieved through the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders of the Organisation. For years, the Company has directed all its efforts and committed human and financial resources to bring a continuous and constant technological update of production processes, for the optimisation of the product manufacturing process in order to fully satisfy production and quality requirements.

The Management intends to organise a set of activities that will make it possible to:


  • Maintain the industrial culture linked to the Company's image, ensuring constant quality of its products;

  • Satisfy the demands of direct customers through compliance with the requirements and methods established in the contractual phase;

  • Adequately train personnel who carry out functions critical to quality and to the performance of the production process; and

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The Management undertakes to constantly make available all the human, economic, technical and infrastructural resources necessary to meet all the applicable requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:15 standard and to maintain and improve the Management System. The Management is also committed to defining and reviewing numerous indicators and objectives at least once a year in order to pursue continuous improvement at all levels. Consistent with its strategic guidelines, these objectives and indicators are geared towards:


  • Product compliance with the defined technical specifications;

  • Complete fulfilment of orders in the quantities and times requested as well as prompt response to customer needs and requests;

  • Continuous management and monitoring of customer and Party satisfaction;

  • Monitoring product quality;

  • Risk containment.

A copy of this document is brought to the attention of all interested parties by placing it online on the company website and posting it both in the offices and in the production plant.

Verdello, June 2017

Gualtiero Regonesi


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